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Sewer System

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Flushable Wipes Aren’t Really Flushable

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the City anticipates an increase in wipes labeled “flushable” being
flushed into the City’s sewer mains.  We want to remind residents to be aware that wipes that are sold as “flushable” are in fact not flushable.  Flushing of these wipes causes cities to spend thousands of dollars on premature equipment repair and replacement and can cost residents thousands of dollars to repair their own home’s sewer pipes.

Wipes snag on any imperfection in sewer pipes, catch passing debris and grease, and create a “ball” that will grow to eventually plug, or obstruct the pipe. The wipes get drawn into sewer-lines and wastewater treatment plant pumps and clog and damage the pumps. Municipalities must manually clear out the pumps or remove the clogs.


  • • Wipes of any kind, flushable and non-flushable
  • • Feminine hygiene products, condoms, contraceptives
  • • Excessive fats, oil, grease
  • • Bandages, wrappings                                                 
  • • Cigarette butts and coffee grounds
  • • Disposable diapers and dryer sheets
  • • Ear swabs, cotton balls, dental floss
  • • Facial tissue, paper towels, scrubbing pads
  • • Hair
  • • Medication
  • • Pet waste, kitty litter
  • • Automotive fluid
  • • Paint, solvents, sealants, thinners
  • • Poisons, hazardous waste
  • • Plastic of any kind
  • • Syringes, needles, sharps

Any questions? Please contact us at 615-371-0080. 



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Utility Billing Questions:

Please call (615) 661-7061 or email

Grinder Pump Service Issues:

  • 615-371-0080 during business hours
  • 615-371-0160 after business hours

Brentwood’s Sewer System

  • Collection-only; Brentwood does not treat wastewater
  • Contracts with Metro Nashville for treatment
  • Consists of 293 miles of sewer pipe ranging from 1-1/4" low pressure force mains to 30" gravity sewer
  • 12 pump stations
  • 5,575 manholes
  • Two sewer basins - Little Harpeth River Basin and Owl Creek Basin

 Sewer Service Area and Other Providers

The City of Brentwood provides water and sewer utilities to most of the homes within the city limits.  However, from the map below, you can see which other neighboring utility companies provide services to some homes in Brentwood.